Mapas Urbanos

Crossing maps: spaces of never-ending arrival

Proyecto de Visionscarto

“This cartographic and artistic experiment has explored new ways of approaching migratory experiences. Maps, drawings and audio recordings created during the workshop draw on polyphonic narrations that assist us in seeing and hearing the multiple points of view on contemporary border crossing and asylum.”

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“Keys to the journey” — 2013
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“Tranquil, police, stress, luck, fear”, K.’s map — 2013
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“Crossing the desert, Eritrea, the Sudan, Libya”, A.’s map — 2013
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“A new-comers’ guide to Grenoble”, K.’s and S’s map — 2013
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A visitor to “Crossing maps” installation during the “antiAtlas of Borders” exhibition, Aix-en-Provence, Musée des Tapisseries, 2013

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